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Wonderful Animals Sloths Soap

I love hanging out with you!

Our Wonderful Animals Sloth soap is wrapped in delightfully illustrated packaging. Meet Sloth, he loves to hang out. Whenever there is a chance to chill with his friends, you have never seen a Sloth move so fast! There is always that one person you just love to hang out with, why don’t you tell them? With original quirky illustrative packaging and an aromatic enchanted earth fragrance, Wonderful Animals Dinosaur Soap bar will bring a smile to anyone’s face. This moisturising soap bar is enriched with shea butter soap and made with pure vegetable oils using traditional triple-milled methods, for a rich and sumptuous lather.

• 190g
• Made in the UK
• Vegan friendly & Cruelty-free
• Free from parabens, SLS and SLES
• Plastic-free & fully recyclable packaging