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Penny Scallan - Bamboo Divided Plate Set - Chirpy Bird

The Chirpy Bird Divided Plate Set

Our new Chirpy Bird Bamboo Divided Plate Set is a fabulous first time set for little ones starting to eat independently.

It's eco-friendly, made from tough yet lightweight bamboo fibre — not to mention safer and more durable than ceramic or glass!

Seriously cute designs in each of the 5 sections keep littlies interested and help them decide what food goes where. It's a great way to separate different textures as a learning tool when introducing new foods, and to help fussy eaters to eat a balanced meal on their terms.

The cup and spoon are light and easy to use, making it easy for toddlers to improve their coordination.

Even better, the set is dishwasher-friendly, so clean up is a breeze!