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Hola - My Little Workshop


Hola My Little Workshop

The My Little Workshop by Hola is a fun, hands-on way for young minds to learn about tools, logic and counting. The interactive workbench makes sounds with the use of each tool and includes a chainsaw, electric drill, bench clamp, wrench, screwdriver, hammer and toy screws and nails. There is also 4 shape blocks and 5 wonderful music tunes to enjoy.

It’s fun to play and learn with tools!


  • 7 Tools: Drill, Saw, Screwdriver, Hammer, Wrench and Bench Clamp, plus toy screw and nails
  • 7 Pre-Programmed Melodies
  • Flashing Lights
  • Storage Drawer
  • Shape Sorter
  • Volume Control

8 Fun Game:

  • Toy Saw: Press the red handle and watch the saw rotate with cool sound effects and flashing lights.
  • Toy Drill: Turn the handle of the drill and watch the drill operate with cool sound effects and flashing lights.
  • Bench Clamp: Twist and rotate the handle to play a fun sound effect!
  • Ruler: Slide the pointer to a number and the workbench will call out the corresponding number while rewarding your little one with music and flashing lights.
  • Toy Screws & Nails: Use the wrench or screwdriver to turn the screws and play cool sound effects. When your child uses the toy hammer, they’ll love the sounds the workbench makes with flashing lights too!
  • Game Tube: Hammer the ball down the game tube to play sound effects, music and even activate flashing lights! (Note: 2 pre-programmed songs available)
  • Shape Matching: Fit the blocks to the corresponding holes on the workbench to activate associated sound effects.